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contact: hello@qualtaghmusic.com

About - Qualtagh

Qualtagh is an electronic musician and ​producer based in Knoxville, TN.

Pronounced KWAL-tuck, a qualtagh is a sign of good luck. A ​word that comes from the Isle of Man, it means the first person ​you say hello to when leaving home on any given day or the ​first visitor to walk through your door in a new year.

Sonically, Qualtagh's music builds on IDM and chillwave ​electronica themes using immersive synths and live drum ​recordings; instrumental compositions layered with saturated ​melodic textures, ambient elements, and rhythmic collages.

Qualtagh’s musical style fits in the company of genre-bending electronic artists like William Orbit, Bonobo, The ​Octopus Project, Quantic, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Yppah, Teen Daze, Boards of Canada, and Tycho.

“I count myself among those strongly affected by music visually and music as a conduit for emotional tones in TV a​nd films. I love the way instrumental music can conjure up cinematic imagery on its own; a collection of sounds origina​tes with a composer, but they lay a circuit that’s ultimately completed by the listener... switching on visual storylines​ in the mind’s ey​e.”